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Customer Loyalty Pak Special!

The Best value for your money! $127 worth of Zurvita Zeal product discounted to $89.95 the first month and then ONLY $64.95/m with no long term commitments.
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Zurvita Zeal Canada:

SPECIAL PRICE $72.95 first month and then $54.95! Order Zeal Zurvita Canada Now! Your Zurvita Zeal 12 bottles are free with your monthly Zurvita Zeal canister.


2 Packages:

12 Zurvita Zeal bottles + 1 Zurvita Zeal cansiter! Zurvita Zeal for ONLY $64.95/m. (12 bottles of Zurvita ZEAL FREE monthly!)


Weight Management of Zurvita Zeal Retail $210. For you $179.95 & then $139.95/m

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Zurvita Zeal

Zurvita Zeal

Zurvita Zeal Customer Loyalty Pak

Our Zurvita Zeal Loyalty Pak includes a 30-Day supply Zeal canister and 12 Zeal single-serving bottles each month. Your initial order is $89.95 but all following monthly orders are only $64.95. This means your Zeal monthly 12 single-serving bottles will be FREE!

Zeal Weight Management

Zurvita Zeal Weight Management

Zurvita Zeal Customer Loyalty Pak

This Customer Zeal Loyalty Pak leads “the pack” as a Customer favorite! It contains a Shaker Bottle, Zeal 30-Day supply, Zurvita Burn, Zurvita Cleanse† and 60 Zurvita Protein servings. We want to reward our loyal customers so take advantage of this program. After your initial order is purchased and received, all your future monthly orders thereafter will be only $139.95. This means you save 35% each and every month!




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buy now international

When ordering, first choose your country, then choose the New Preferred Customer for the lowest pricing and more perks! Welcome to Zurvita Zeal. Monthly Zurvita Zeal $65/m with 12 Zurvita Zeal bottles free

Zurvita Zeal CANADA SPECIAL PRICE $67.95 first month and then $50.95! Order Zeal Zurvita Canada Now!


W.H.: I tried to purchase all the ingredients in Zurvita Zeal for Life and here is a real picture of what I purchased. The cost was around $450* and I could not find 9 ingredients, which is in Zurvita Zeal for Life. Zurvita Zeal is really a great value! I would not go a day without drinking Zurvita Zealforlife

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Zurvita Zeal

Buy Zurvita Zeal

Zurvita Zeal for Life

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We are in the TOP 100 of the DSA 2014! What does that mean? Credibility!

DSA 100

CEOs Mark and Tracy Jarvis



Zurvita Zeal

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Zurvita GOES GLOBAL 7/1/14!
– Hong Kong
– United Kingdom
– Great Brittain
– PuertoRico
– Belgium
– Finland

– Dominican Republic

Zeal for Life International

Zeal for Life New Ambassadors

One year in Review 2013. >CLICK HERE< to read all about what we have done in just 2013.


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